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The End of My Quest

In a quest to find some alternative relief for my physical and mood-related complaints I decided to try acupuncture.  Emerald Gate is a ‘5 Elements’ mode of acupuncture, and as my practitioner, Renee, explained to me, it ties in with the natural flow and transitions of nature and it’s elements.  

Renee spends a lot of time listening and tuning in to what is going on with you – she has a truly wonderful, gentle, and caring spirit.  She is also great about telling you what she’s working on and answering questions that may come up throughout the treatment.

The result that I noticed immediately after my first treatment was a state of mental calm and balance that was a huge contrast to the chronic stress and anxiety mode I’m usually in – yeay!  I’m looking forward to experiencing more treatments toward health and balance here.  Oh, and the office in the Wallingford Workspace is very nice too – clean and serene!

~Claire Mack

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