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Knowledgeable, Intuitive & Sensitive

Renee is absolutely WONDERFUL! She is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, and so sensitive to the needs of her clients. She always brought such a calming presence to our sessions and I always left feeling great.

I cannot thank her enough for all she did for my mother (who was a longtime client) in the last stages of her life.  Renee improved

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The relief I feel after her treatment is immediate

I’d love to take a moment to explain my great thanks for Renee Benedict. She is a gem!

Upon meeting her I instantly felt at ease. Her energy is relaxed and lighthearted and made me feel comforted as if I were speaking to someone I’d known forever. Her insight into the human body coupled with her quiet patience make for

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I immediately feel relaxed and calmed

I had never been to an Acupuncturist before I met Renee.  But from the moment we met, I knew Renee was exactly the type of person who could offer me the help I needed. I was right.

Her treatments take everything into consideration; no life experience is left untouched. Through this, Renee is able to prescribe exactly the treatment I

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Swollen ankles and sinus pressure

Renee has the ability to help you transform into your best.

I began seeing Renee for acupuncture treatments for swollen ankles and sinus pressure, and continue to see her for seasonal treatments. Renee is very approachable, down-to-earth and caring. In addition to helping me with physical ailments, she has helped me with mental clarity and emotional support.

Acupuncture is a

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