I immediately feel relaxed and calmed

I had never been to an Acupuncturist before I met Renee.  But from the moment we met, I knew Renee was exactly the type of person who could offer me the help I needed. I was right.

Her treatments take everything into consideration; no life experience is left untouched. Through this, Renee is able to prescribe exactly the treatment I need.

Each time I visit her office, I immediately feel relaxed and calmed, and inevitably, I leave with more energy, more focus; I am more inspired, and more prepared for life.  Her ability to pinpoint, and affect the channels that connect to our inner sense of purpose and potential, gives her immense power to aid any individual looking to wipe away the layers of distractions we consistently find ourselves smothered by.  And on top of it all, she has the friendliest smile of any caregiver I’ve ever met!  What a bonus!

~ Sam Chasan